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GEMWeM “Geneva Master in Wealth Management”

Welcome to the official website of GEMWeM – the Geneva Masters in Wealth Management.

This degree is accredited as a Master of Science in Wealth Management from the University of Geneva. It is vocationally-oriented and combines both practice and in-depth theoretical study, which is essential for gaining a thorough understanding of both wealth management and of finance in general. The course is also dedicated to contributing to the development of the field through research.

The course is based on modules designed to help students acquire an in-depth knowledge of risk management, international finance, banking and finance law and how to evaluate and select financial assets.



Students may take on internships lasting a minimum of 3 months, at the end of which they will write an internship report which will be evaluated during an oral defence. Internships are worth 15 credits and can be validated as practical classes or electives.

Master Thesis

The thesis is an academic work, 30 credits ECTS, will be to produce and will be estimated by an academic member during an oral defense.